Caring for a Guinea Pig


Before thinking about getting a Guinea Pig it is important that you are prepared before you bring your Guinea Pig home. These small animals need a good amount of exercise, usually a couple of hours a day, so ensure you either have a large enough cage for them to roam around in, or have allocated […]

April 30, 2009

Coping with bad smelling dogs


All dogs have a distinctive smell and it would be impossible to completely get rid of this, however when a dog’s smell becomes unpleasant and overpowering then it becomes a problem and needs to be addressed. The best approach is to find the cause of the problem, rather than just try and cover it up.

April 28, 2009

Caring for domestic baby rabbits


Domestic rabbits that are cared for by their human owners are very comfortable with human contact. However, on becoming a mum, your rabbit is likely to become very territorial and protective of their babies. On the lead up to the birth, ensure the hutch is warm enough with soft hay, to make the doe as […]

April 27, 2009

Introducing a new cat to an existing cat


It may seem a simple task to introduce another cat to the family, and although your intentions may be good, your existing cat will not see it like that at first. As lovable as cats can be, they are also very territorial and bossy and anything that threatens their position is seen as the enemy.

April 24, 2009

Tricks for giving your dog oral and coat medicine


Aside from the medication which is given by your veterinary doctor, as dog owners, people do have a responsibility to give their dog simple forms of medication. These are usually in the form of oral medicines or drops on their coat. As with all animals, it is impossible to explain to them that what you […]

April 22, 2009

Choosing a rabbit food


In the wild rabbits eat a vast range of different foods. This includes grass, leaves, bark, weeds, fruit, crops etc. Of course rabbits are herbivores and have become very good at digesting different types of fiber. They are very good at getting rid of things that they can’t digest.     

April 19, 2009

Keeping poultry coops healthy


Keeping poultry can be very rewarding, but it does require care and attention. Sickness is a major issue in chickens and hens and if one gets ill the sickness can spread extremely quickly to the entire brood. Pet supplies can be bought to deal with some problems but there are many factors involved in keeping […]

April 17, 2009

Feeding an elderly dog


When you have loved and cared for a dog throughout their entire life, it is easy to get into a routine and keep their feeding patterns the same. However, it is important to remember that dogs are similar to humans in the way that their bodies change as they get older.

April 13, 2009

Looking after your senior dog


It is true that dogs grow so quickly. Before you know it they are fully grown and start to slow down a little. It is quite easy to recognise when your dog begins to show signs of ageing. It is true that different breeds grow at different rates. As a guide, the larger the dog, […]

April 12, 2009

Horse & Pony Nutritional needs


It is true that horses and ponies have different nutritional needs. As a rule ponies use and store energy more efficiently, while it can be difficult to maintain weight with some horses. In reality ponies actually need more calories per measurement of bodyweight than horses. However some of the traditional breeds of ponies common to […]

April 10, 2009