How to look after your Goldfish


If you are thinking of buying a pet for your child, a goldfish is ideal as a first time pet. Goldfish come in many colours not just plain gold as they can have a few patches of silver or black over their body.

June 30, 2009

Good nutrition for your pet Budgie


Budgies can be found in Australia, Germany and England. They are available in different colours and easily kept as a pet. They are a small bird with a large character and can be a little unpretentious. Keeping budgies in good health is essential in expanding their life span.

June 26, 2009

How to care for your guinea pig


Guinea pigs are about fourteen inches in length and their lifespan is up to six years. What most people do not realise is they are vegetarians. Guinea pigs will happily munch away on peas, carrots plus any green leafs apart from lettuce. If you feed a guinea pig lettuce it can cause them to suffer […]

June 22, 2009

Looking after small mice


If you are looking for a pet for your son or daughter then a small mouse could be the answer. Mice are easy to train and they enjoy attention. If children handle them carefully they become tame. They are a delightful pet and are inexpensive to keep.

June 19, 2009

Wild Birds and their correct eating programme


Many householders do not keep an indoor pet but they adopt wild birds as a substitute pet. It is easy to upset wild birds with good intentions and there are certain rules and advice on how to care for wild birds that you can find online. There are foods which can upset the diet of […]

June 14, 2009

How to look after a budgie


Budgies are a popular pet and are known to have a cheerful personality. In England, budgies are used to eating seed which can be found in both pet stores and online stores.

June 11, 2009