Tips to select the right pet food


We love our pets dearly. A playful and happy pet makes us feel better after a hard day at work. It is therefore crucial to feed the pet with good nutritious pet food. Your pet’s health is very important just like your child’s health.

September 29, 2009

Why dog grooming is important


Keeping your dog in top condition is vital, though many dog owners don’t realise the significance of grooming your dog and the connection to better pet health. Grooming is not purely concerned with making your dog look good, it can have a significant effect on your dog’s health and quality of life.

September 20, 2009



As the majority of cat owner will know, cats thoroughly enjoy scratching. While your cat’s claws can be trimmed, it is not a good idea to remove them entirely as cats in essence enjoy scratching and to them it is a way of entertaining themselves. The moment your cat notices they have claws; you will […]

September 19, 2009

Keeping fancy goldfish


Fancy goldfish are becoming more widely available in aquatic shops. The term ‘fancy goldfish’ is used to describe different varieties of goldfish which have unique and unusual fins, eyes and bodies. These fish can be extremely beautiful and are full of character. However, they are generally not as hardy as traditional goldfish which means they […]

September 13, 2009

Keeping chickens


Keeping chickens is becoming an increasingly popular activity in the UK, as they can make excellent pets with each one having unique personalities. You also get the added benefit of having fresh eggs every day. In order for your chickens to lay the best eggs you need to ensure that you buy good quality feeders […]

September 12, 2009