Pet Food Labels: What they tell you.


The labels used on pet food products gives you the general information about the ingredients used in the product and in what quantities. This information supplied is required by law and you will find this on all pet feed labels. The ingredients are listed in descending order with the most used ingredient listed at the top. These labels […]

September 28, 2010

Eukanuba video guide to puppy nutrition.


It is known that puppies grow their fastest during the first few months on their lives. Eukanuba puppy food products are formulated to match the requirements of different breeds and sizes of puppies, to help to ensure that your puppy gets off to the best possible start in life. All of their puppy products contain […]

September 11, 2010

Product of the day-Flexi comfort


This product is a comfortable cord dog lead with a specially designed lead belt which extends & retracts with a total length of 5 metres. This allows you to remain fully in control whilst your dog enjoys complete freedom of movement. The Flexi Comfort dog lead also features a robust braking mechanism, consisting of an […]

September 9, 2010

When should you feed wild birds?


Feeding birds during the winter is really the most beneficial time to do so. As food shortages are more likely to occur. However feeding birds throughout the year is even better, as food shortages can still occur during the summer. Furthermore if the birds can gain weight during the summer, then they are more likely to […]

September 8, 2010

Product of the day-Royal Canin labrador 12kg


All Royal Canin dog food is produced according to very strict quality control requirements to ensure complete safety. Dogs are very special creatures and bring us so much pleasure; they really do deserve the best nutrition to stay in the best of health. Royal Canin ensures their food is the best quality by following a […]

September 6, 2010

Preventing Heatstroke in dogs


You never know if this Indian Summer will continue, however it is still important to ensure that you take the correct precautions to prevent your dog from suffering from heatstroke. This condition can be fatal, often happening if a dog is kept locked away in a house or a car without ventilation, shade or water. […]

September 5, 2010

Product of the day Eukanuba Large Senior


This premium dog food is produced especially for large senior dogs (six years plus & giant breeds 40kgs plus and five years or older). They have specially formulated this pet food to take into consideration the specific nutritional needs of mature and senior large breed dogs. These issues include: joint health, immune health, dental health […]

September 4, 2010

Supplies for a new Puppy


A good quality food and water bowl. There are many different varieties on the market including not slip bowls, metal bowls, plastic bowls etc. It is sometimes a good idea to purchase a dog crate or kennel. It is advisable to purchase one which will accommodate your puppy when they reach adulthood. This will soon […]

September 2, 2010