The Death of Police Dogs – Alerts all dog lovers


The harrowing news about  two police dogs that were left in a car to die from overheating has caused a stir in the pet world. The two dogs, a German shepherd puppy and a working Belgian Malinois, died tragically, after being left in a private vehicle at the Metropolitan Police training unit in Keston. Temperatures […]

June 30, 2011

The Top Five Exotic Pets


Not all of us are content to give a home to an animal which is furry and friendly in equal measure. Though it may seem strange to some of us, for some individuals the scalier and freakier the creature the better! Having said that, many of these seemingly bizarre additions to the pet family have […]

June 17, 2011

Dog Doors;Like a Cat-Flap But for Dogs?


I know this article does boast a rather confusing title, but then again the concept we are about to consider is so simple, it’s almost a miracle that such an idea hasn’t been mentioned before! Yes, if you happen to be lucky enough to own a garden, or at least your own yard as well […]

June 15, 2011

Aquarium Decoration;Your Options


One of the major perks of owning tropical fish has to be the sheer attractiveness of the little creatures. I think it’s probably safe to assume that in terms of companionship, a fish is unlikely to rival a dog or a cat but by the same token, you are unlikely to share your home with […]

June 13, 2011

Dog Teeth Care Products


An Important Addition to your Cupboard More often than not, a pet swiftly becomes part of the family. We hug them, play with them, lord knows we spend enough on them but the truth of the matter is that the needs of certain animals are actually much closer to those of humans than we may […]

June 5, 2011