5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Well Socialised


Having a well socialised dog is very important and if you don’t take the time to socialise your dog you could be faced with some challenges. You need to get them used to being around other dogs from an early age, and there are a number of ways in which you can do this. Here […]

August 30, 2013

What To Expect On Your First Trip To The Groomers


The best thing you can do to get your dog used to the groomers is to take them from an early age. Then they can get used to the whole process including brushing, bathing, drying and styling. If your dog has never been to the groomers before then be aware that they might not settle […]

August 29, 2013

Popular British Wild Birds (Infographic)


Plenty of people like to spend time bird watching in the UK. If you’re one of them or you are interested in taking up this activity, then why don’t you take a look at our brand new wild birds Infographic? Find out more about popular British wild birds and learn about their distinctions, characteristics, as […]

August 28, 2013

What Is It Like To Train A Rescue Dog?


Although getting a rescue dog is hard work and a big challenge, it is a brilliant thing to do and there are lots of lovely dogs out there needing a forever home. However it is important to be aware of the hard work that could lie ahead. Some rescue dogs are obviously much easier to […]

August 28, 2013

Top Accessories For Your Pond


Want to enhance your pond with a few accessories? There are lots of things you can get to add a little extra something to your pond. From protecting your fish to making your pond look lush and full of life, you can do a lot with some of these popular pond accessories.

August 27, 2013

Health Products For Cats


Want to keep your cat’s health in top condition? There are lots of products to help improve your cat’s health and Wellbeing, as well as solutions for specific health and behavioural problems. Here are some of our health products to help your cat feel at their best. 

August 26, 2013

Dog Breed Profile Of The Month – Corgi


Each month we will be doing a special dog breed profile on a different dog. This gives you the chance to learn about the different breeds and their characteristics. It’s interesting to understand about different dogs and their needs, especially if you are thinking of getting a puppy. Our first pick is the Corgi, which […]

August 23, 2013

Looking After Your Dogs Teeth


You can tell the age of a dog just by looking at their teeth. However, dental hygiene is something that is often forgotten when it comes to dogs. Neglecting your dog’s teeth can lead to plaque and gum infections, which will make life very uncomfortable for your pooch. Their teeth will need more care and […]

August 22, 2013

Things We Don’t Realise Dogs Pick Up On


Have you notice your dog seems to read your mood and react to your behaviour? Dogs really do sense how we are feeling and the signals we are giving off. Dogs have evolved to become very good at reading humans through the years. They notice even the smallest movements and seem to know when something […]

August 21, 2013

Games To Play With Your Dog In The Park


You don’t always have to walk your dog round in circles when you visit your local park. Walking is obviously good for them but there are lots of other things you can do to tire them out. Playing games with your dog is also excellent for mental stimulation and keeping your dog’s mind active. If […]

August 20, 2013