5 Places To Go Bird Watching In The Winter


Lots of people who aren’t familiar with bird watching often assume it is best to do it in the Summer. People think that because lots of birds migrate south that you can’t have the same experience. Even though there may not be as many birds to see in Winter it is a time when different […]

November 30, 2013

Bird Profile Of The Month – The Raven


Ravens are very large black birds with black beaks, they are the biggest member of the crow family. They have very long wings and if you spot them in flight you will see they have a diamond shaped tail. Ravens can reach 60cm long and have a wingspan of nearly a metre. They have been […]

November 28, 2013

Different Breeds Of Rabbit Part 2


Following on from part one, here is the next article covering 5 more breeds of rabbit. There are many different breeds of rabbit and if you have not had rabbits before then it may be tough to decide on which breed to get. Each breed has something different to offer and different requirements. In general […]

November 24, 2013

Hypoallergenic Products For Dogs


Is your dog very sensitive to food and grooming products? Dogs with special dietary requirements and sensitive skin often require hypoallergenic products instead of normal products to help prevent allergies or further irritation. It can be difficult if your dog has a severe sensitivity to find the right products and make sure your dog is […]

November 23, 2013

Different Breeds Of Rabbit Part 1


If you are looking to buy a rabbit it can be difficult to select one from all the different breeds available. They all vary significantly in appearance, character and temperament. We will be covering different rabbit breeds over the next few months to give you an insight into how the different breeds vary. Read on […]

November 22, 2013

Family Activities To Do With Your Dog


Dogs can create excellent opportunities to have quality time with your family. There are lots of fun activities to do with your dog. You may be surprised about the amount of days out and activities there are that can include your dog. Kids love to spend some time outdoors having fun playing with their best […]

November 12, 2013

Lazy Dog Breeds


Are you looking for a dog that doesn’t require huge amounts of exercise? It’s always good to choose a dog breed that will fit with your lifestyle. However, if you want to get a dog you need to be aware that all dogs need a decent amount of exercise. Some just need a bit more […]

November 11, 2013

Getting Your Puppy Used To Grooming


Build Their Confidence Puppy’s need to get used to the grooming process from a young age, so they don’t find it too daunting. Especially breeds that will need regular grooming as they get older, it’s best to introduce them to being groomed as early as possible. This doesn’t mean giving them a full groom straight […]

November 10, 2013

Autumn Dog Events


Want to know what the dog world has in store for Autumn? Book some days out for October and November that you can look forward to. When it comes to dog events over Autumn you won’t be disappointed, there are plenty of fantastic events to choose from all over the country. Take your pick from […]

November 9, 2013