The Most Unusual Household Pets (Infographic)


Most people who own or love pets are used to cats, dogs, rabbits and small fluffy creatures, like guinea pigs and hamsters, but what about unusual pets? Well, the latest GJW Titmuss Infographic looks at exactly this – so from the strange, unique and scary, what are some of the most unusual pets to own?

May 28, 2014

8 Unusual Mixed Dog Breeds


We all know that dogs come in a range of shapes and sizes, but besides purebreds (which have documented lineage back to their ancestors) there are plenty of mixed dog breeds that you’ve probably never heard of. These dogs are the result of selected breeding between two purebreds, which creates a mix of individual features […]

May 20, 2014

Cat Anxiety – Ways To Help Your Nervous Cat


Some cats are naturally very nervous. This could be due to bad experiences, a lack of socialisation when they were young or they may have simply been born with a nervous disposition. Nervous cats will do things such as hiding where they feel safe and avoiding people or if they feel under threat they might […]

May 11, 2014

Most Expensive Cat Breeds


Wondering what the most expensive breeds of cat are? There are many different breeds of cat each with their own redeeming characteristics, but some are so sought after they come with a very big price tag. People will pay a lot of money to find the perfect cat or get their hands on a rare […]

May 9, 2014

Dog Recall Training – Games To Help Improve Recall


For some owners, recall can be a very frustrating issue. When a dog is out on a walk and engaged in their environment they can be easily distracted. The smells and other things going on are far more interesting than the owner. Dogs need to find you more interesting than what they are doing. One […]

May 8, 2014

Britain’s Best Loved Dog Breed – Cast Your Vote


With National Pet Month taking place until May 5th, we’re celebrating one of Britain’s most popular four-legged friends – the dog. Sorry cat lovers, your time will come, but in the meantime, take a look at some of the most popular and best loved dog breeds from the following GJW Titmuss list.

May 8, 2014

Teaching Your Dog To Play Nicely With Other Dogs


It’s very important that dogs learn to play properly. Play is a vital part of their development and it keeps them healthy and happy. It’s a completely normal behaviour that allows dogs to socialise and learn. However, with some dogs play can get out of hand. Play can become too rough and some dogs go […]

May 7, 2014

Most Expensive Dog Breeds


Getting a new puppy is not cheap. Some people will pay big money to get their favourite breed. There are a select few very sought after breeds that come with a rather large price tag. They can be very well suited to a particular role, very rare or have a special reason for being so […]

May 6, 2014

Cat Breed Profile Of The Month – Persian


Persian cats are a very popular breeds of cat in the UK. People fall in love with them because they are so docile and easy going. They originate from Persia which used to be called Iran and have captured the hearts of the British. Persians are an old, well known breed that make great pets […]

May 5, 2014

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting


All dog owners know what it’s like when a new puppy starts to play bite and nibble things. Their teeth are like little needles and can be quite sharp. Although we know in most cases they are not biting to cause pain intentionally it can still hurt. Puppies learn how much pressure to use when […]

May 4, 2014