Cutest Dog Breeds


It’s nearly impossible to put together a shortlist of the cutest dog breeds, because all dog breeds are so darn adorable. Plus, everyone has a different opinion on what type of dogs they think are cute. Some people prefer tiny fluffy toy dogs, others think teddy bear poodle crosses are the best. Whether you prefer […]

May 31, 2015

How To Deal With Know It All Dog Owners


Most dog owners will have come across these types of people. You normally meet know it all dog owners at the dog park. They like to pounce on you and tell you everything they know about canine behaviour. That’s perfectly fine, until they start telling you how to train your dog.

May 30, 2015

Top 5 Ultimate Experiences For Cat Lovers


Do you know someone that is a crazy cat person? If you have a partner, friend or family member that adores cats then why not get them a cat experience. A cat related present is perfect for someone who loves felines. Surprise them with an unforgettable experience for their birthday or a special occasion. Here […]

May 29, 2015

10 Things About Life We Can Learn From Dogs


There are a lot of life lessons we can learn from dogs. Man’s best friend seems to know how to stay happy. We could definitely learn a thing or two from our pooches and how they see the world. Here are 10 things we can learn from dogs.

May 27, 2015

Common Things Dog Owners Forget To Do


Dog owners have a responsibility to provide basic care for their dogs. Most dog owners know what is expected of them, but occasionally still forget to do things for their dog. There are a fair few things you have to remember to do, so it’s probably worth writing a list and putting reminders in your […]

May 26, 2015

10 Ways Dogs Can Help With Bereavement


If you are a dog owner and you have been through a bereavement then you will know just how much having a dog around can help. When you lose someone you love it can seem like the world has ended, and you can feel so alone. Nothing anyone can say will make you feel better, […]

May 24, 2015

Are Corgi’s At Risk Of Extinction?


You would think that being the queen’s favourite dog breed would make the Corgi extremely popular. Maybe it did a long while ago, as Corgis have been in British Royalty since the 1930’s but today they have suffered a big fall in popularity. Queen Victoria has always had Corgi’s, we have seen them at Royal […]

May 23, 2015

Moments When You Feel Extremely Lucky To Own A Dog


Most dog owners are extremely appreciative of their canine companions. We all love our dogs, but there are some moments in particular that make you feel particularly lucky to own a dog. Dogs constantly surprise us, make us smile and help us through hard times. There are some amazing stories of how dogs have helped […]

May 22, 2015

Dog Breeds To Get If You Don’t Like Too Much Hair


We all like different types of dogs. Some people love fluffy dogs with lots of hair, and others can’t stand them. Sometimes it may be due to allergies, but some people just don’t like having excessively hairy dogs around. Dogs with longer coats are also higher maintenance as their coats often need a lot of […]

May 21, 2015

Arthritis In Dogs – The Best Treatment


Just like people do, dogs can develop arthritis as they get older. Arthritis is basically pain and inflammation in your dog’s joints. It’s probably one of the most common health problems in older dogs, so it’s useful to know a little about it including the symptoms and how it can be treated.

May 20, 2015