An Update On Miracle Dog Gobi


An Update On Miracle Dog Gobi We recently highlighted the story of Gobi, the incredible dog which befriended extreme marathon runner Dion Leonard. The runner was taking part in the Gobi March, a 155 mile event in which competitors cross the Tian Shan Mountains in extreme heat. The race ended in the Black Gobi Desert […]

August 31, 2016

London’s First Cat Café


The Cat Cafés Britain’s high streets have changed dramatically in recent years. The independent retailer has become a rare breed meaning that much of the unique character of our shopping districts has sadly gone. Café culture is the new black and a trip into town is now more about coffee and cakes than shopping and […]

August 27, 2016

Art Exhibition for Dogs


The Art Exhibition for Dogs Sadly we are bringing you news of an exciting new concept just a little too late for you to see it for yourself. But good ideas usually inspire others and so hopefully the world’s first contemporary art exhibition for dogs will not prove to be the last.

August 26, 2016

Cat Seizures – What To Look For


Feline Seizures The first time that you see a cat suffer a seizure it can be a truly horrifying experience. You feel completely helpless and it looks for all the world as if the cat concerned is about to expire. I will certainly never forget the moment that my cat Yasmin first collapsed in front […]

August 25, 2016

Why Your Dog Seems to be Barking at Nothing


Totally Barking – Why Your Dog Seems to be Barking at Nothing If your dog has a tendency to bark then this can prove useful if you have an intruder. However, it is not so useful when they disturb the neighbours or interrupt what you are doing. Barking can be particularly infuriating when there appears […]

August 24, 2016

Cats and The Heat – Protecting Against Overheating


Cats and the Heat Domestic cats are descended from desert dwellers and so are surprisingly good at adapting to the heat despite all of that fur. Indeed they tend to cope better with the heat than we do! But they can run into trouble and become distressed so it is wise to look out for […]

August 21, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady – Is That You?


The Cat Lady The stereotypical cat lady is an elderly spinster who is mad as box of frogs. They live alone, save for their many cats, and are constantly expanding their feline family. Shunned by society and often scorned, your typical cat lady is, frankly, a sandwich short of the proverbial picnic. So you can […]

August 20, 2016

Dalmatian – Is This The Right Dog For You?


Is a Dalmatian the Right Breed for You? You probably know what a Dalmatian looks like, after all they are hard to miss! This large breed with a spotted coat originated in Croatia and possesses buckets of infectious charm. These friendly and gregarious dogs have instant appeal but is a Dalmatian a good choice for […]

August 19, 2016

Adopting From a Cat Rescue


Rescue Cats – The Adoption Process It is always an exciting time when you are about to welcome a new pet to our home. If you are looking for a feline friend then your thoughts may first turn to kittens. However, there are thousands of adults cats in rescue centres around the country that need […]

August 18, 2016

How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home


How to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home Cats are often described as being solitary and territorial animals which do not get along with other cats. But the truth is that cats which grow up together almost always develop a good relationship and it is also possible to successfully introduce a new cat to […]

August 17, 2016