The Government Votes that Animals Don’t Feel Pain

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This week the government inexplicably voted that animals have no emotions and can’t feel pain! The nation’s withdrawal from the EU is currently being shaped and from 2019, all animals which aren’t pets will be threatened. As scientific research has consistently shown that animals do have feelings, some stronger than our own, how could the […]

November 28, 2017

Dog Dreams & Sleepwalking


The dog food firm Wagg has conducted a survey into canine sleep behaviour. 1000 British dog owners were questioned and the results have proved to be very interesting. If your pooch has exhibited some strange behaviour during their naps, they are certainly not alone! Sleepwalkies An incredible 27% of those surveyed reported that they had […]

November 27, 2017

Cats in the News

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We thought that we should bring you a round-up of the stories featuring cats which have made headlines recently – just in case you missed them! Adorable and mischievous moggies across the globe are always up to something so it’s worth keeping your finger on the pulse! Potty Kitties An American cat owner who grows […]

November 22, 2017

Swedish Research Reveals Dogs are Good for You

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Research has consistently shown that dog ownership improves human health and longevity. Now, a huge study in Sweden provides definitive proof! The project followed 3.4 million people over a period of four years. Those who took part were aged 40 to 80. Dog Ownership and Loneliness The study showed that dog ownership had the greatest […]

November 21, 2017

Pet Ownership in the UK is Falling

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A survey conducted by Mintel has revealed that pet ownership in the UK is in decline. There are several reasons for pets falling out of favour and none of them have anything to do with the popularity of the animals! We remain a nation of animal lovers but the way we live is changing dramatically. […]

November 14, 2017

Why You Should Be More Cat

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A new book by French author Stéphane Garnier suggests that the secret to happiness and success is to live more like your cat. Tell us something we don’t know! Cats do seem to have nailed the old work life balance thing, don’t they? They always appear to be rested and they have the knack of […]

November 13, 2017

Dogs In Cars Laws – Huge Fines


When you see a dog with its head poking out of a car window, it’s a sight that is guaranteed to raise a smile. But the dog’s owner won’t be smiling when they find themselves in trouble with the law and having to pay an enormous fine. It’s against the law to allow your pooch […]

November 9, 2017

New York’s Luxury Hotel for Dogs

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Dogs can get a rough deal when their owners are away. They are often removed from their comfortable home and left in kennels which are much less cosy. Some pets become extremely distressed and who can blame them? You wouldn’t like to be left in a bleak kennel whilst the rest of the family headed […]

November 8, 2017

Mysterious Bridge Where Dogs Jump to Their Deaths

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Overtoun Bridge near Dumbarton, Scotland has attracted much international media attention after years of unfortunate and often inexplicable events. The bridge has been the site of a murder and an attempted suicide. But it is the canine deaths which have inspired most of the media coverage. Hundreds of dogs have leapt from the bridge to […]

November 6, 2017

Dogs & Fireworks – How To Help Your Dog


As November approaches, some dog owners start to worry about how their pooches will cope. For some, it’s a very stressful time of year, and managing your dog’s anxiety can be quite a challenge. Some dogs aren’t bothered about fireworks at all and will just carry on as usual, others go absolutely nuts and constantly […]

November 1, 2017