Decorative lamps pose a danger to cats

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Vets have issued warnings that decorative lamps which are popular for home and patios could present a risk to cats. The lamps in question are Himalayan salt lamps, trendy decorative pieces used to illuminate indoor and outside spaces . The lamps are pretty in pink but it turns out that they aren’t very cat friendly. […]

July 14, 2019

Puppy dog eyes are no accident

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Even the most cynical human can be softened by puppy dog eyes. You know the look. Those gorgeous wide eyes which shout innocence and all-round cuteness. Dogs often raise their inner eyebrow muscle when greeting people and this makes their eyes look larger. A new study suggests that this wide-eyed expression is no accident but […]

July 11, 2019

Can you trust your dog sitter?

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Becky Parsons, from Erdington in Birmingham, had no reason to suspect that there was an issue with her dog sitter. She had used the sitter three times without experiencing any problems and so was happy to use her services again. But while Becky was on holiday, her dogs disappeared and now police suspect foul play.

July 8, 2019

Feeling stressed? Your dog is too!


Things are going badly at work, your youngster is in trouble at school and you are livid that the fitter who is supposed to be installing your new kitchen hasn’t turned up. Your stress levels are rising and the tension in the air is palpable. When you are feeling stressed to the max, your dog […]

June 12, 2019



Are you nuts about Rotties? Or perhaps you want to learn more about this often misunderstood breed and what sort of owner they suit? Here’s some info on the history of the breed and their core characteristics.

May 31, 2019



Undeniably adorable, Papillons are a popular choice for owners who like their canine companion on the smaller side. Here’s some information about their temperament, history and characteristics.

May 31, 2019

Golden Retriever


A beautiful gold coat, loveable nature and kind face. Golden Retrievers are a much-loved dog breed that’s stolen the hearts of the public. If you’re a fan of this breed, or simply want to find out more, read on to discover their nature and characteristics.

May 28, 2019

French Bulldog


A hugely popular breed at the moment, French Bulldogs are playful, cheeky and kind natured. Want to find out more? We’ve created a handy breed profile so you can find out all about their history and what makes them so special. Check it out below.

May 16, 2019