Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Dogs / Friday, May 27th, 2016

What is Purina Pro Plan dog food?

There are a variety of pet foods on the market that you can choose for your pet. Whether you have a dog or cat you can select from big name brands and smaller names too; all of which can offer something different for your pet.
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The main choice you have to make is between dry and wet food. If you decide that dry food is best, then you have several options to consider. As an owner you will want to think about each one carefully.

One of the most popular brands is Purina Pro Plan dog food. This is produced by pet nutrition experts who know exactly what your dog or cat needs. Here at Time for Paws we are proud to stock this excellent dog food.

So to make sure that you are fully informed before you choose this dog food for your pet, let’s learn more about Purina Pro Plan dog food. What makes it a delicious and nutritious choice for your pooch?

What different types of food are available?

Purina Pro Plan dog food is a dry food for your dog. There are several products in the range with each addressing a different need. Some of the most popular products include:

  • Optistart (for puppies)
  • Optihealth
  • Optiage (for older dogs)
  • Optipower
  • Optiweight
  • Optiderma
  • Optidigest

Each one has a tailor made blend of ingredients which are specifically designed to give your dog everything it needs. There are some options that have been evolved to target specific health issues.

What makes Purina Pro Plan different?

With so many different dog foods to choose from, what makes Purina Pro Plan different?

This food is produced by an expert team made up of both vets and nutritionists who know the correct balance of nutrients for each and every dog.

The experts at Purina want to push the boundaries of science and to discover improvements that can be made to dog food. All of their products not only meet the European pet food regulatory standards, they surpass them.

So what does Purina dog food contain?

The Optihealth range of dog food, for example, is rich in chicken and has been evolved to address all of the important aspects of a dog’s health. This includes their Joints, teeth, coat and digestive system.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • High nutrient absorption
  • High quality pieces of chicken
  • Targeted for a shiny coat, healthy joints and optimum dental care
  • Delicious taste
  • Easy to eat, appealing texture and sized to suit your dog

There it is, everything that you need to know about Purina Pro Plan dog food. Why not check out the range of products that we are proud to stock here at Time for Paws and discover exactly what complete dog food can do for your beloved pet?