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Dogs / Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

How to Find the Perfect Cat and Then Lose Him

I was looking for a ginger cat, preferably female, to welcome into my family. Which doesn’t really explain how I ended up with a massive tabby tom cat!
Sometimes you don’t choose your cat, it chooses you.
Caspar the Wonder Cat loves Royal Canin Cat Food

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

I had been walking around Feline Alley at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home looking for my new friend. It is an overwhelming experience and I was becoming confused. I had shortlisted a few little lovelies that seem to fit the bill. But every time I walked past the pen of a huge tabby he started pawing at the Perspex and putting on a major show of cuteness.

One of the staff pointed out his efforts and suggested that I should meet him. When she opened his pen he virtually threw himself at me and then wouldn’t let go. He was what I had been looking for at all but had managed to make my decision for me. The only trouble was that he had just arrived at the home. He had been abandoned and so they were obliged to keep him for seven days in case he was claimed. This was inspire of the fact that his owners had moved home and just left him in the old one. A kindly neighbour had taken him on but just couldn’t afford him.

Royal Canin Cat Food for Overweight Moggies

I wasn’t surprised as the cat was obese and so she had clearly been spending too much on food! Battersea had put him on a special diet of Royal Canin cat food to control his weight. So not only would I have to return to London to collect my cat a week later, I would also have to invest in Royal Canin cat food in preparation for his arrival. This cat was going to be trouble, I just knew it!

When I returned to collect him the tabby seemed ecstatic. His name was Caspar and he was ridiculously affectionate. He was also rather fat but I was sure that the Royal Canin diet and access to the garden would sort that problem out.

Our New Friend

Once at home I started to get to know Caspar. He was wonderful and in many ways the perfect pet. I shut him in the bedroom on the first night so he could get used to the house. By the following day he was getting bit stir crazy and my other cats were virtually scratching the door off of its hinges to get to him. They knew we had a new friend and wanted to meet him.

Disappearing Act

The next day I introduced Caspar to the other cats. They all accepted him and so I felt really chuffed. It was when I sat down to watch Match of the Day that everything started to go wrong. I enjoyed the football so much that it didn’t occur to me that Caspar had left the room. When the programme finished I wandered into the kitchen and was horrified to see that the cat flap had been dismantled and there was just a gaping hole in the door. A hole which Caspar appeared to have used to leave the building.

An Embarrassing Loss

I felt like a complete idiot. How was I going to tell Battersea that I had lost the cat within 48 hours of bringing him home? I stared mournfully at the bowl of Royal Canin and figured that it would be my other cats that would be eating it. I spent a couple of hours searching the neighbourhood for Caspar but there was no sign of him. He was gone and as he didn’t really know either me or the house, there seemed little chance of him coming back.

I got in bed feeling extremely miserable and eventually fell asleep. I awoke earlier than I had intended the next morning having had nightmares about that cat flap. When I sat up I was astonished to see Caspar standing next to the bed. How had he managed that? Clearly he had decided that this was his new home and just fancied some time outside.

Caspar was determined to stick around. He lost the weight and lived with me for 12 years. He died at the ripe old age of 17. What a cat!