These Three Small Pets are Easy to Take Care Of

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Are you desperate to add a new furry addition to your family but worried your lifestyle is limiting?

Three Small Pets that are Easy to Take Care Of

Hope is not lost! These three cuddly creatures will fill your heart with so much love and joy that you’ll realise there’s a whole new side to the cat versus dog debate!

What’s more, these little guys are so easy to take care of and there’s one to suit every age, so it’s a win-win situation!

Guinea Pig

Pet Guinea Pig









There is nothing not to love about Guinea Pigs, as they are one of the most cherished small pets for families across the globe. Those little sounds they make when they munch their food will leave you fawning with joy.

Things to consider before you bring Nibbles and Fidget home are:

  • You’ll need a wooden hutch with a sleeping area and bedding to keep them warm – hay works best. Top tip use more hay in the winter for warmth.
  • You’ll need a water bottle and a bowl that the curious creatures won’t be able to tip over. Another top tip make sure you change the water daily.
  • Guinea pigs like fruit and veg as well as their basic food.
  • Garden runs are perfect for exercise and a great way to watch them play without escaping.

For more information on looking after a guinea pig, click here.


Pet Rabbit











We all adored Peter Rabbit as children and when you bring your new bundle of fur home, their super soft ears and adorable little thumper feet will have you falling in love all over again.

Here’s all you need to know before introducing Snowball and Molly to the family:

  • You’ll need a hut with room for a busy bunny to stretch, with some added privacy of course.
  • Get them a run! It’s great fun.
  • The bedding should be clean straw for a healthy bunny. Top tip check it daily and remove droppings.
  • Fibre pellets and vegetables are all you need to keep tummies content. Another top tip make sure you wash the vegetables beforehand.
  • Chews will keep bunnies hopping with happiness.
  • Always have fresh, clean water available.

For more information on looking after a rabbit, click here.


Pet Hamster










While they are best known for their high energy and nocturnal behaviours, don’t let that put you off. There is a reason these tiny little creatures have created so many animal lovers around the world.

Before you get little Hammy, remember these things:

  • A robust cage with plenty of bedding to keep their tiny paws and bellies comfy
  • A water bottle attached to the cage, available at all times. Top tip change water daily.
  • Some crunchy biscuits to keep their teeth in good condition. Another top tip, you can alternatively give them dog biscuits.
  • Dinnertime couldn’t be more simple – little bit of hamster mix and you can even share some of that leftover salad you had for lunch. One more top tip remove uneaten food.
  • It’s worth getting some toys to keep those energy levels at bay

For more information on looking after a hamster, click here.

Any of these three adorable pets would be a perfect addition to your family and will bring an abundance of love to your home.

Just remember that all pets require maintenance, including socialisation, trips to the vets, good hygiene, exercise, a healthy diet and a lot of love. No pet comes without responsibility, so make sure you are ready to make a commitment before taking a leap into animal parenthood.



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